The 6 Most Common Home Inspection Findings

When buying a home or selling a home, a home inspection is usually required before closing the deal. A home inspection carried out by a professional inspector will identify any issues with the property so that the new owner knows the general condition of the building.

Before you arrange a home inspection, you can check the 6 most common home inspection findings. This can give you the chance to address these issues before they get flagged up in a property inspection.

Common Home Inspections

During a home inspection, the inspector will check the structural integrity of the building, the roof, electrical and plumbing installations, and the HVAC system. Here are the 6 most common findings from home inspections.

1. Faulty writing

Top on the list of common home inspection findings is faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is usually a problem in the junction boxes or double taps within the electrical breaker box. Please remember that you should leave electrical repairs to qualified electricians.

2. Roof problems

Broken shingles or missing flashings are also common problems that are found in home inspections. This is because it is usually difficult for homeowners to identify and fix these problems.

3. Dampness

Dampness from water leaking into the basement or through faults in the roof is also a common problem. Improving drainage and repairing roofs usually is enough to sort problems with dampness.

4. Poor exterior maintenance

Very often, issues with maintenance like exterior painting, rotten fascia, and cracked driveways are flagged up in a home inspection. A simple facelift will help bring the property exterior up to standard.

5. Faulty plumbing

Faulty plumbing can be anything for a leaking faucet (easy to fix) to leaks and drainage issues that cause dampness and structural problems with the foundations.

6. Inoperable windows

Windows that don’t open property, get stuck, or have been painted shut are a common problem that also has safety and ventilation issues.


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