Best Tips to Maintain Your Heating System

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The heating system in your home is an essential element of home comfort and safety. The cost of heating your home is also one of the largest household bills that you have to pay each year. Therefore, maintaining your heating system is an essential part of yearly home maintenance.

Regularly maintaining your heating system will not only keep you warm when winter comes, but it will also save you money in the long run.

How can you keep your home heating system working efficiently and help to lower your energy bills? Here are some easy ways to maintain your heating system.

Regular inspection

First, it is important to carry out a yearly home inspection to examine the condition of your HVAC system. This is best done in the fall before you need to use your heating system in winter. You should look for signs of cracked pipes, leaks in fuel lines, or damaged parts. If you find any signs of damage in your inspection, you should quickly replace damaged parts.

Replace filters

Clogged and blocked filters should be replaced regularly. Don’t wait until you notice signs of a blockage, but keep your furnace filters clean so that air flows freely and your furnace works efficiently. At the same time, make sure that the burner is clean and the area is free from dirt and debris and is firing up properly.

Check ventilation pipes

You should also carry out a visual check of any ventilation openings and pipes around your burner or fireplace. Air needs to flow in and out of the furnace for efficiency and to keep energy costs down.

Think about upgrading

Some older heating systems are too inefficient to be worth maintaining. If you are thinking of selling your home or you need to reduce energy costs in the long run, then you should consider replacing or upgrading your heating system.


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