Choosing the right light fixtures

Calgary home inspectors have the opportunity to see all types of light fixtures. Lighting can affect the mood and look of each room. From romantic to dark it can bring about any mood. Lighting can aid in relaxation and comfort, and can help your home look and feel great. Light fixtures play a big part in the way lighting works.

Lighting also affect the perception of space. The right level and style of light can make a room look larger, or more cozy.

For foyers, bedrooms, hallways, stairways, and more ceiling light fixtures are the best option. For low ceilings you should consider flush mount ceiling fixtures as opposed to chandeliers. Chandeliers should be installed in large rooms with higher ceilings.

Wall mounted fixtures should be used in hallways or functional rooms. They can be used for general, task, or accent lighting.

Pendant lighting can be used for task and general lighting. This type of lighting is best for use over dining tables, workstations, game tables, and more.

Can lights are installed in the ceiling and are great for unobtrusive lighting. They are strictly for lighting and not decorative purposes.

You can use dimmer switches which allow you to control the strength of the lighting. The intensity of the light can affect the mood and make the room appear more inviting.

When picking out styles there are two options. The first option is to have individual styles for each room. This can give the home a unique feel for each area of the house. The second option is to have a uniform style throughout the house. This means matching the wall and ceiling fixtures.

Regardless of how you decide to setup the lighting in your home Calgary home inspectors look forward to seeing your style in action. Good luck on finding the right style of lighting for your home and budget!

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