Choosing the right fertilizers

Calgary home inspectors have seen various types of fertilizers at work in home gardens. Choosing the right fertilizer can be quite the task. Different plants need different nutrients.

Fertilizers use a three number rating system that represent the nutrients labeled N-P-K. N is for Nitrogen, P is Phosphorus and K is Potassium. Knowing what your plants needs can be the tricky part.

Nitrogen is easily flushed through the soil and essential for the growth of foliage. It helps in the production of lush, green leaves and the lack of it will cause little to no growth.

Phosphorus stays in the soil very well and helps to stimulate the root growth. It helps to promote the growth of fruit, flowers and seeds and the lack of it will slow or stunt the growth.

Potassium helps in the resistance of disease and aids in making food for the plants. It makes the cell wall strong and the lack of it can cause weakened stems and slows growth.

Fertilizers come in many different forms. The three main types are organic, water soluble and synthetic. Various plants need different types of fertilizer. For best results in choosing your fertilizers check the package directions. Different types of soil will also require different types of fertilizer as well.

Some plants require types of fertilizers that are not good for edible plants. Always be cautious of the fertilizers you purchase to use in your garden that you are growing for consumption.

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