Create a storm emergency area

With storm season in Calgary it is important to have things ready for the protection of your family. Home inspectors have seen people prepare for storms in a variety of ways from safe rooms to stocks of supplies.

It is important to have everything you need to weather the storms cause you don’t know when you will be able to get out and get supplies during and after a storm. You need to build emergency kits, collect sand, gather blankets, clothing, tools, fuel, food, and water.

Snow shovels are important to remove snow so that you don’t get trapped. For ice storms a stock of rock salt to melt ice is a must. Sand will help to improve the traction after melting the ice. Fuel or wood for cooking and warmth are of great importance in case of lost electricity.

Food and water are very important to survival as well. It is important to get food that will not need refrigeration or that expire quickly. Some good foods to stock are peanut butter, crackers, nuts, cereal, dried fruit, canned foods, and granola or power bars. In addition to bottled water you can also get powdered milk and sports drinks. Don’t forget some basic seasonings in case you are able to cook.

Have a family communication plan in place so that you can reach each other in case of emergency. Have an electric radio and a battery operated one in case of a power outage so that you can keep up with storm updates.

Try to minimize travel, but if you have to go out then be sure to have a vehicle storm emergency kit in your vehicle. It should have snacks, flashlight, matches, change of clothes, blankets, jumper cables, emergency flares, tow chain, distress flag, water, and salt and sand. An emergency only cell phone would be a good idea as well.

Don’t forget to winterize your home and vehicles for safety. Be aware of what to do in case of medical emergencies, and save fuel when possible.

Calgary home inspectors look forward to seeing the preparations that you have made for the storm season.

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