Cultivating seeds for the next season.

Even here in Calgary there are great reasons to save plant seeds. Home inspectors have seen all kinds of plants to grow from seeds. From herbs and vegetables to flowers there is no telling what you can keep in your garden year after year.

Saving seeds can save money. They can also help you keep your favorite plants around for a long time. After all, you never know when the seeds of your favorite plants are discontinued.

Some seeds that can be saved are heirloom plants, open pollinated, and self-pollinated. Unfortunately, saving seeds are not really an option when it comes to hybrids. If you would would like to try and make more of a hybrid plant then try taking cuttings from the plant.

To get pure seeds from cross pollinating plants make certain that you physically separate the different species from each other. This can be done by planting only one variety of species, planting different varieties at a distance, planting at different times, and putting up a barrier between the plants.

Photo by Ritesh Man Tamraker.

Save seeds that come from good quality plants. After all, the plants from those seeds will be like the plants you took them from. Take seeds from the dry seed pods, or from the ripe vegetables.

Store the seeds in a dry area. Keep them in an envelope labeled with the plant type and year. Stash the envelopes in an airtight container, and keep the container in a cool, dark, and dry place. Don’t forget to use those seeds the next year for the best results!

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