Drain Tile Repair and Maintenance

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The drain tile is one part of your property that you should inspect and check yearly to make sure water is draining from your home. The drain tiles are important in keeping your home free from dampness and mold. In the event of flooding or water seepage, drain tiles direct excess water away from the foundation of your property.

What are drain tiles?

Drain tiles are a length of pipe around the perimeter of your property. They can be straight pipes or a long length of corrugated piping. They have holes in them to allow water to collect in it. The drain tile then directs water to a sump pump and away from your home.

Drain tile maintenance

To make sure that drain tiles work efficiently, it’s important to carry out regular inspections of your home to make sure they are not blocked or damaged. Drain tiles that are blocked can put your home at risk of flooding or cause dampness in your basement.

Maintaining drain tile regularly is a much cheaper option than replacing drywall that has mold spore growing on it.

Inspecting drain tiles

If you are thinking of selling your home, a professional home inspector will check for signs of dampness. To prevent the inspector finding mold and to protect the health of your family, regular inspections are necessary.

Usually, the tile is visually inspected to see if water is flowing properly and there is no debris clogging the system. Then a hose is inserted to make sure that there are no blockages and the grading of the pipe is sufficient.

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