Essential Home Maintenance for Summer

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Summer in Calgary is usually a time for enjoying long warm days in your garden. Even though spring is the time to do many home maintenance jobs, there is still much to do in summer to care for your home. Home maintenance in summer doesn’t have to involve hard tasks. But caring for these simple jobs will make spending time in the backyard even more enjoyable.

5 Summer Home Maintenance Jobs

Let’s look at the top five jobs to do in May, June, July, and August, to keep your home functioning well.

1. Clean windows and insect screens

One of the first jobs to tackle is to wash windows and screens. Cleaning windows will help give you unobstructed views of your garden. However, summer is also the time to check windows screens that keep swarms of bugs out. High-quality window screens allow you to enjoy summer indoors without flying insects bothering you.

2. Check air filters

Because your air-conditioning will be working overtime during summer, it’s essential to keep it in good working order. Dry, dusty air can quickly clog up filters and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. So, check filters regularly during the summer—ideally, every month.

3. Touch up your home’s exterior

It’s usually nicer to work outside during the summer. So, the summer months are the perfect time to tackle some home exterior jobs such as painting windows, doors, or the façade. A high-quality paint will help keep your home watertight and improve its curb appeal at the same time.

4. Check plants—houseplants and outdoor plants

The warmer weather means that you can take some of your indoor plants outside. Many houseplants thrive in warm weather and can brighten up a patio or deck area. Just make sure that the plants are not in direct sunlight, but that they get dappled sunlight.

5. Check for signs of pest infestations

Summer means that creepy-crawlies are more active, so check your basement and exterior for signs of ants or termites. Usually, termite infestations go unnoticed until a professional home inspector uncovers significant damage.

Keeping up with regular maintenance will keep your Calgary home looking beautiful and help prevent many expensive repairs.

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