Essential Home Maintenance for the Fall

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Fall in Calgary is a beautiful time of year. The trees turn from green to striking hues of yellows, oranges, and reds. Now that the temperature is getting colder and the days shorter, it’s time to tackle some essential home maintenance jobs. Fall is the last chance for home maintenance before winter is here and you need to fire up the furnace.

What are the essential maintenance jobs to keep your Calgary home looking good and prepare it for winter?

5 Fall Home Maintenance Jobs

Here are the top five jobs to tackle in September, October, and November to make sure you’re ready for the first frost.

1. Clean your gutters

Most Calgary homeowners clear their gutters after all the leaves have fallen. Roof gutters drain thousands of gallons of rainfall and melting snow each year. Clogged or broken gutters can cause significant issues with dampness and mold in your home. Did you know that moisture issues are one of the common problems Calgary home inspectors find during inspections?

2. Seal drafts

Cracks around doors and windows let cold air in and warm household air out. Caulking around drafty windows and doors can help to reduce your winter energy bills. You also ensure that moisture can’t seep into your home’s structure.

3. Drain outdoor faucets

Frozen water in pipes expand and cause pipes to burst. A burst pipe can cause significant flood damage to your home. So, after you finish with your gardening at the end of summer, drain all water from outdoor faucets.

4. Change filters

Make it a habit to change your filters every fall. Clogged filters mean that your heating system must work harder to keep your home warm. This ends up costing you money in extra heating bills.

5. Fertilize your lawn

The best way to keep your lawn looking green and lush is to fertilize it in the fall. Fertilizing your lawn gives it plenty of nutrients to get through the winter. Then in spring, when the weather warms up, your turfgrass will turn green faster.

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