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Home inspectors in Calgary, and around the world run into homeowners with all budget sizes. For those with a larger budget making home improvements are a breeze. However, for those with smaller budgets these are seemingly impossible. So if you want to improve your home here are a few low budget fixes just for you.

Start with window dressing. If you are trying to brighten your room up try getting new drapes. Getting some fresh colors, and designs can transform your room. Don’t forget that thicker curtains can help lower electric bill costs.

If your furniture is looking a little worn try painting or staining it. Use a day when it is dry, and no rain is expected to paint or stain the non-clothed areas. If the padding is a little worse for wear then try replacing it. For couches, loveseats, and recliners use throws or get some furniture covers.

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Aside from the living room and bathroom the kitchen is one of the most active area. Try painting or staining the cabinets. A few shelves in the unused corner can create more space, and if done right they’ll look great in the decor. Putting up some wallpaper borders along the top of the wall, and right above the counter area is a creative way to bring your kitchen to life.

Bathrooms can often seem dull since they are mostly for function. Try using tile paint to create interesting patterns, or to just change the color. Also, try some transfer patterns, and paint cabinet doors and shelves to match the tile. Get some bathroom accessories to match, and you will have a high class bathroom on a low dollar budget.

When you go to improve your home make sure you have everything figured out before running out the store. Start by figuring out how much you have to put towards the project. Next, make up a list of a couple of project ideas, and what you need to complete them. Take your lists, and your budget to check out a couple of stores, and find the best quality for the lower price.

Whether you are in Calgary or elsewhere in the world if you use these ideas even a home inspector will be impressed with how low it cost to do it!

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