Gardening in the zone

Whether you are in Calgary or elsewhere it is important to take gardening zones into consideration when planning your garden for after winter. Gardening zones, also known as climate or plant hardiness zones, are guides to which plants can survive whichever climate you’re in.

Since our climate affects plant growth it is important to know which plants will grow where you live. Otherwise, you could wind up with a garden of dead plants. Gardening zones are separated by high and low temperatures, rainfall, snow coverage, average of frost-free days, and so on.

Aside from the numbers there are also ‘a’ and ‘b’ ratings. ‘A’ means that plant can take harsher conditions. Once you have determined what zone you are in then it is time to find plants that are recommended for that zone.

Photo by David K.

To select plants that will grow in your zone try only going 3 zones lower than yours. If you are in Zone 4 you obviously wouldn’t want Zone 7 plants, but Zones 3, 2, and 1 should work fine. If you are uncertain about a selection then be sure to ask a gardening professional for help.

Home inspectors everywhere have been able to see all kinds of gardens from the magnificent to the not so great. Here’s hoping you garden in the zone and are able to show a great garden off!

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