Getting rid of weeds

Calgary home inspectors see all kinds of gardens as well as all the problems encountered by gardeners. Weeds in your garden can be a real pain, next to bugs and insects. There are many reasons to get rid of weeds in your garden and various ways to do so.

One reason is that different animals and bugs can hide in those weeds and can bring danger to the people that go into the garden. Another reason is that weeds can help spread diseases that can kill your plants.

If you have a vegetable garden, it can deform your produce. Some diseases could also stunt the growth of your vegetables and could even get the plant so unhealthy that it won’t produce anything. Weeds can also take away the nutrients that your garden needs to be healthy.

Those are just some of the problems that weeds can cause for you and your garden. Now don’t worry about the problems, but how to prevent it from happening.

One of the first steps in ridding your garden of weeds is to keep the weeds pulled. Once weeds overtake your garden area it can become quite the hassle to get rid of them. Keeping the ground around your plants tilled can deter the weeds.

Now if you just don’t feel like doing that then you can spread weed killer around the garden before they even grow. You can find the most productive weed killer from your local hardware store in the gardening and lawn section.

Even though you get the best weed killer, it doesn’t always mean it’s gonna work. Different types of weeds might be able to withstand the weed killer. Sometimes your only defense is to spend time in your garden pulling the weeds as they grow. A weed free garden can become a daily task.

Good luck with your garden! No doubt that when a Calgary home inspector sees your garden they’ll be impressed with how weed-free it is!

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