Giving the soil some lungs

In order to thrive soil requires air, and good water flow. This goes for Calgary as well. To accomplish this a person must aerate, or till their lawn and gardens. This can be done easily, and doesn’t take that long to do. How often a person should do this depends greatly on their soil or grass type. A home inspector may be able to help you determine what you need.

For clay type soil one should aerate bi-annually. For sandy type soil one should aerate annually. For re-seeding or fertilizing the aerating needs to be done just before. For newly planted lawns or plants one should wait the appropriate amount of time in order for the new growth to become more established.

There are many ways to aerate or till the soil or lawn area. There are machines that can help you. There are also liquid soil aerators which will do the work for you. You can turn the soil around with a shovel or rake. You can also poke holes in the soil using a pitchfork type object. Weeding your yard or garden by pulling the weeds can also assist in aerating the lawn or garden area surrounding the weed. At the end of the season mulch some leaves to cover the lawn and garden area so that the worms can do some aerating for you.

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Whatever method, or combination of methods that you decide on make sure that you are doing it right. If using a machine or purchasing liquid aerators ask professionals to make sure that you are getting the right ones. Some home inspectors may be able to give you advice. The wrong chemicals might help the soil some without providing the desired aeration. Remember to ask professionals for some helpful hints to make sure you get your lawn and garden the best lungs you can.

Good luck on getting your soil and lawn the air, and water that it needs. Happy gardening!


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