Growing your home with your growing family

Calgary home inspectors often have the opportunity to see home which have had additions or changes to adapt to a growing household. Nurseries are added for new babies, or bathrooms for convenience. Sometimes additions are made to add value to the property.

There are several factors to take into consideration when considering a home addition. Necessity, permits, and cost.

Cost includes labor, materials, and paperwork. It can cost around $15-$30 per square foot which doesn’t include any roofing cost.

It is possible that you will require a permit to make an addition to the home. Some reasons for permits include additions to the upper stories of the home, addition of a garage, or adding a porch. Be sure to look into that before starting construction.

Necessity is something that you have to judge for yourself. If you are simply trying to make a separate bedroom try looking at less expensive options of reaching the same objective. If you are trying to add value to your property then it is important to do research to ensure that is what you will achieve with the addition.

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