Helping the climb

Calgary home inspectors have a unique opportunity to see all the different ways that people have used to coax their climbing plants into climbing the way that they want. Climbing plants are quite popular and can often be easily trained to create beautiful visualizations to intrigue people passing by. They are very versatile and easy to support.

Climbers can be coached onto a variety of surfaces from fences to arches. All climbers need aid at first to learn where to grab onto. Otherwise they will search on their own for a surface which to grab onto. There are climbers which have aerial roots, and others twirl and twine their way up.

The way you train a climbing plant is to take a few wires and place them vertically and horizontally, or to get a trellis or obelisk. Once you have the wires or trellis in place you can gently tie the plants to them with garden twine. Each new shoot should have the same done.

There are some climbing plants such as Morning Glory and Nasturtiums which can be grown in a planter. This can take a bit more training, but it is still possible to do.

It is also important to consider where to place the plants. Some plants will fare better with eastern exposure whereas other plants can handle being on the northern facing areas.

If you have questions about how to train your plants or where to best place them then you should consult a gardening professional. Here’s hoping your climbers make a beautiful statement.

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