Calgary Home Inspection Services

Buying your Calgary home may be the greatest single investment you will ever make. Sometimes the home you’ve got your eye on is new and easy to understand. Other times, it’s an older home with all kinds of quirks you’ll want to know about.

Hiring a Calgary home Inspector like Odds On gives you peace of mind as you consider which home to buy. Odds On Home Inspection Services doesn’t just give you a sheet of ticked boxes. We will provide you with a detailed Home Inspection report highlighting any potential problems. Most residential dwellings in Calgary aren’t in perfect condition so it’s important to know which specific issues you are dealing with. Our home inspection company serves Calgary and surrounding areas with:

  • Pre-Listing Inspection


    Pre-Listing Home Inspection

    A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is done just before listing the home for sale. It reveals concerns ahead of time which may make the home show better.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection


    Pre-Purchase Home Inspection:

    Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is done by the Home Buyer after their offer is accepted. It provides you with a better understanding of the house’s existing condition which may require repairs, improvements or upgrades.

  • New Home Inspection PDI: (Pre-Delivery Inspection)


    New Home Inspection PDI:(Pre-Delivery Inspection)

    Pre-Delivery Inspection should be scheduled just before your final walk through with the builder. It can identify any items that are damaged, missing, incomplete or not operating properly before you take possession of the new house.

  • Warranty Inspection: (Tarion 30 Days and 1 Year)

  • Warranty Inspection:(Builders 30 Days and 1 Year)

    Warranty Inspection should be scheduled by Home Owner prior to the 30 days and or 1 year walk through of newly built home with the builder. It is used to notify the home builder of any deficiencies which require repairing under warranty. Contact us for a free 130 point Calgary Home Inspection quote.