What Is Involved in Home Maintenance

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There’s an old adage that prevention is better than cure. When it comes to your home maintenance, keeping your home well maintained can save you from costly repairs later on. Also, if you plan on selling your home in the future, you will have less to spend on repairs that a home inspection might identify.

It’s also important to remember that every item in your home has its own lifespan. This means that sooner or later, most parts of your home will have to be replaced or repaired.

What is involved in home maintenance? Here is a list of the main factors you should consider.


First of all, you should set aside funds to care for regular maintenance work on your home. Many housing experts recommend saving 1 or 2% of your home’s market value per year for essential maintenance and repairs.

Home maintenance vs. home repair

Your budget should include funds for both maintenance jobs and repair jobs.

Home maintenance generally involves jobs like painting the outside walls, keeping drains clear, and cleaning gutters. But it can mean also larger jobs like fitting a new roof or replacing the windows.

Home repairs are necessary when something breaks and needs urgent replacing. This could be a broken window, leaking pipe, or replacing worn faucets.

Regular checks

You should also have a schedule to inspect your home regularly. A good rule of thumb is in the springtime when you can check for any damage that the winter elements have caused and in the fall. The best idea is to start at the foundation and work up.

Keeping up with your home maintenance will help you save your hard-earned cash on costly repair bills.

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