How to Maintain Gas Appliances

  1. maintain gas appliances

You should Maintain gas appliances on a regular basis as this is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs and extend the life of your appliances.

The most common types of gas appliances found in homes in Calgary are gas furnaces, hot water heaters, and boilers. Although qualified technicians should maintain gas appliances, there are important facts that all homeowners should know.

First of all, it’s important that you arrange to inspect your gas appliances on a yearly basis. Some people choose to do this in the fall before heating is needed during winter. Or, others get their gas appliances maintained in the spring.

As a homeowner, it’s important to make sure that all air intakes and exhaust pipes are clear of debris and not blocked. Blocked vents or air intakes could cause your gas appliance to perform below standard.

What Does an Annual Inspection Check?

Here are the main areas that a professional inspector will look for when maintaining gas appliances. You will also find out what you can do to maintain your own natural gas appliances.

Hot water boiler

The annual maintenance inspection checks water and air level and how efficiently the combustion chamber functions.

As a homeowner, you should regularly check for leaks and make sure that pipes are well-insulated. Also, purge air from radiators to make sure that water circulation is at optimal performance.

Gas furnace

Maintain your gas furnace yearly to keep it working effectively and efficiently. A professional will check the chimney to make sure there are no signs of deterioration and there is no obstruction.

You should regularly clean the air filter to keep air circulating properly.

Water heater

Every year, a professional plumber should drain your water heater to remove any deposits from the tank. This helps to extend the life of your water heater and reduce your energy costs. It’s also essential to check yearly the condition of insulation around your hot water pipes. Remember, that any heat you feel is heat you are losing.

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