Make a scheme to fit your theme

Calgary home inspectors have seen all types of decor themes. From Asian to fantasy story themes there is a world of imagination to pick from. Regardless of what theme you decide on it is important to have a color scheme to go along with it.

Depending on what theme you decide on there are a variety of colors that will go best with that theme. Not only for decorations, but for wall paint as well.

The room can be painted in two ways. First there is the scene painting which takes some artwork. Sometimes the artwork is basic, and other times it is more complex. The second way is just plain colors. This can be done in a variety of ways, but generally the trim is done in one color while the ceiling and walls are done in another color.

Curtains and furniture should also be chosen by color scheme. They are a large part of the room and should go with whatever theme you have selected.

It can be fun doing a theme for a room, but decorations alone won’t pull it together. Make sure that your budget for the room includes the color scheme to go with your theme.

Good luck and happy decorating!

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