Making the most of seasonal growth

Home inspectors have the opportunity to see gardens in all seasons. Planning your garden with seasonal growth can be very beneficial. Having a choice of fresh vegetables year around has great nutritional advantages. The key to success with a garden year around is proper planning.

Although summer gardening is the most popular, fall and winter gardens can be just as easy to maintain. Yield from summer gardening tends to give you more variety but can be harder to maintain due to lack of rain in some regions. Fall and winter gardens tend to be easier to maintain as those months usually have more rain and less pest.

There are many plants that will grow well through all seasons if properly cared for and continue to grow through the seasons. Some plants will have a slow start with certain climates but give you a jump start into the next season and become plentiful. Following the farmer’s almanac will give the best yield.

All plants both give and take different nutrients to and from the soil, so finding a winter plant that compliments the summer plant in the same section of soil can help regenerate the garden, assisting in the renewal of balance in the natural composition. Maintaining and reaping from your garden can be very rewarding.

More in the Calgary area, some great examples of this produce would be Brussel sprouts, kale, leek, and Swiss chard. These plants grow great through the winter months and offer variety to your diet.

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