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  • Chris Odd - Calgary Home Inspector

    Chris Odd

    License Number: 332395
    Home Inspector, Founder, CMI

    Chris Odd is the owner and founder of Odds On Home Inspection Services. He is licensed in Alberta, a certified thermographer, bonded, insured and a member of InterNACHI (The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

    He has been involved in the construction industry for over 25 years. Home inspection is his passion and he strives to push his inspectors to achieve the very highest standards in order to provide the best possible service for their clients.

  • Ray Murphy - Calgary Home Inspector

    Ray Murphy

    License Number: 334027
    Home Inspector, CMI

    Ray Murphy is an Alberta Certified Master Inspector (CMI) who is certified in thermography and a member of InterNACHI. Bonded and insured, he has completed over a thousand home inspections and will become a Master Inspector in April 2015.

    He has 25 years experience in the construction industry and has recently built his own home. Ray is married with two children and enjoys snowboarding and the outdoor life, good humored and always has a smile on his face.

  • Simon Walker - Calgary Home Inspector

    Simon Walker

    License Number: 337191
    Home Inspector

    Simon Walker, is an Alberta licensed home inspector who is certified in thermography, bonded, insured, and a member of InterNACHI. He loves building, has renovated several homes and has worked extensively in the construction industry.

    Simon has inspected hundreds of homes and treats each one as if it were his own family moving in. Simon is married and loves nothing better than to snowboard and play in Canada’s great outdoors with his wife and children .

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  • Home inspection is a technical profession, yet it’s a discipline that allows the true character of the inspector to shine through. We understand that our clients are counting on our passion and expertise to guide them in the right direction.

    And that trust is important because buying and selling property are some of the biggest transactions you’ll make in your life.

    You want to know that your home inspector is someone who’s paying attention to the big picture and the smaller details not just because it’s their job but because inspecting is something they love doing day in and day out.

  • Carl Gibbons - Calgary Home Inspector

    Carl Gibbons

    License Number:
    Home Inspector

    Carl Gibbons, is an Alberta licensed home inspector who is certified in thermography, bonded, insured, and a member of InterNACHI. He has worked extensively in the construction industry, for the past 30 years, since leaving school.

    Carl loves being a home inspector and getting to meet new people, in their exciting time of purchasing a new home. Carl is married with two older children and enjoys fishing and hiking, in this great place he calls home.

  • Dan Brown - Calgary Home Inspector

    Dan Brown

    License Number: 347304
    Home Inspector

    Dan is an Alberta licensed home inspector who is certified in thermography, bonded, insured and a member of InterNACHI. He spent 25 years serving the citizens of City of Calgary and surrounding area with the Calgary Fire Department where his duties included hundreds of fire and safety related inspections of structures throughout his career.

    After retiring from the fire department, home inspecting was a perfect transition. His training has included studies at the renowned InterNACHI headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Dan is married with 2 daughters, enjoys the outdoors, and traveling with his family

  • Paul Merricks

    Licensed Alberta home inspector, certified in thermography, bonded, insured and a member of interNATCHI. Has over 30 years experience in the building trade and has worked on some of the highest roofs and some of the lowest sewers in his time, so nothing seems to phase him.

    Married with 4 grown up children and 2 grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, hiking, watching soccer and spending time with his family.