What You Must Know About Gas Safety in the Home

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For many homeowners, gas is a reliable and economical fuel to use for heating and cooking in the home. However, gas safety in a home is paramount because failure to understand the dangers of natural gas can lead to a fire, explosion, or suffocation.

When professional home inspections are carried out, an inspector will check the gas furnace to make sure that it is in good working order and there are no leaks. However, you should not wait until you sell your home to think about gas safety in the home.

Gas Safety in the Home – Top Tips

If you ever smell gas in the home, you should avoid switching on lights and open all windows and doors. This will help ventilate the home and prevent a dangerous buildup of gas. Of course, all naked flames should be extinguished. You should also switch off the gas at the mains until a qualified plumber can repair the leak.

What else can you do to ensure gas safety at home?

Don’t do DIY repairs

While it might be fine to fix up furniture yourself or do the plumbing on a leaking pipe, attempting gas work on your own can be dangerous. There are many hazards you can come across carrying out work on gas lines. Many provinces require that plumbers who work on gas lines are properly qualified and licensed.

Get gas appliances serviced

It is also important to get gas appliances regularly serviced to make sure that they are working efficiently and there are no leaks. A qualified plumber will also make sure that all flues and ventilation ducts are free of blockages and no buildup of exhaust gasses is occurring.


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