Nursery rhymes in rooms

From old school nursery rhymes to new age themes there are baby room decorations to fill the tastes of any person. Whether you want it plain and simple or playful and colorful you can find what you need. Calgary home inspectors have had the privilege of seeing all kind of nursery themes.

Start with an idea. If you want monkeys, then look for decor that best represents the type of monkey theme you want. Once you find at least one item that fits your needs you can search for that name and find matching items.

Next comes the wall painting and decorations. If going with monkeys, then you would want a brown or green wall. Maybe you could paint some tree branches against a blue sky with some clouds. Whatever your theme is get creative with the paint. If you are not artistically adept, try wall decals with the same effect.

Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the furniture or decorations. It will be just as fun and less cluttered with just the furniture you need, and a few key decorations.

Have fun with decorating your baby’s room. It shouldn’t be a chore, but rather a beautiful experience. It can even be something to do with your partner, making it a bonding experience too.

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