Paint makes the room.

Calgary home inspectors have seen all styles of painted rooms. Each room painted has its own personality. Plus, the right colors can add the illusion of space or even add design to the room. It is also the easiest way to freshen up your home.

It can be difficult to get the look you want if you are not careful. With a few tips though you can make your work go faster and smoother.

First, mix a few cans of the same color into a large bucket so that the color stays consistent. Clean dirty surfaces before starting. Make sure to tape around edges, outlets, and cover windows. Although it is ideal to remove all furniture out of the room it is not always possible so just cover the furniture up with drop cloths. Be sure to cover the floors too.

Photo by Olger Fallas.

Paint the trim first before starting on the ceiling and walls. When painting be certain to roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge. Once the paint is dry cut the tape for a perfect edge.

If you want to have a couple of different colors sectioned through the room be sure to tape the lines and then do one color at a time. For designs draw a template and then use the template to draw the design onto the wall.

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