Pests and Perks

Calgary home inspectors have seen all kinds of gardens in their line of work. With those gardens come pests. Some of them help the plant life while others decimate the plants. It is important to utilize the ‘good’ bugs to their fullest potential.

Pesticides may or may not help get rid of the bad insects however, they may also destroy the ones that can help your garden. There are some products out there that may leave the good guys alone. Just be sure to do your research before you buy a product.

Bad insects such as snails or slugs can be taken care of with diatomaceous earth. This fine powder is not harmful to people or pets, but kills pests. Some other bad pests include caterpillars, potato beetles, and aphids.

Many of these pests can be taken care of by other insects. Ladybugs, lacewings, beetles, spiders, and hover flies are just a few that eat aphids and other insects. Dragonflies eat mosquitos, and toads eat grubs and slugs.

Bees help to pollinate the flowers. If you are a beekeeper growing a vegetable garden near your hives can be very beneficial to both the garden and the hive.

So for the best gardens be sure to use nature to its fullest. Just find the right combination of plants and pests to encourage the best garden production!

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