Plants can spread so plan it right

Gardeners work hard to ensure that their garden is set up just right. They measure and space their plants for various reasons such as aesthetics, lighting, size, and spread. Home inspectors in Calgary have seen all these plans at play in a wide variety of gardens.

When you purchase a plant you get information which tells you how much light it needs, how much water it needs, how tall it will grow, and how wide the spread will be. This information is all you need to properly plan your garden for the coming season.

Some of your plan will no doubt account for personal preference or aesthetic design. You may plant your garden to fit any design as long as you take the spread, and plant needs into consideration.

If the spread of the plant is not planned for it can cause a myriad of issues. The plants could become tangled, the roots could choke out other plants, or the growth could become an obstruction.

If the plant doesn’t have that information then ask a gardening expert, or look the information up online.

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