Some plants can’t handle unfiltered sunlight

Calgary home inspectors have seen plants inside the home placed in various positions in order to get the optimal lighting. They have even seen plants in rooms without windows with nothing but some artificial lights to get the light that they need. This is because each type plant requires a different level of light. The various positions in the home and the different types of artificial lights help owners to adjust the light to the plants’ needs.

Cacti and succulents require bright lighting in order to thrive, whereas leafy or evergreen plants need low light to survive. There are even plants which require tropical plants which require indirect light. Indirect light is when the plant receives bright light, but sunlight or light doesn’t directly touch the plant.

There are two types of light. There is natural light which comes through the windows, and there is artificial light provided by lamps. It is important to determine how much light your plants need in order to optimally place them in the home.

For natural light, each side of the house provides a certain type of light. Windows which face west receive around four to six hours of bright light daily. Windows which face east get a great deal of indirect light. Windows which face the north have very low light. Windows which face south have bright, hot direct sunlight.

If you should decide to go with artificial light, then it is important to do your research as each type of plant requires a different color wavelength. There plants also do not require light 24/7 so it is important to know how long to leave your plant lights on.

Calgary home inspectors look forward to seeing how you set up your plants to receive the optimal light and still look good in your home!

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