Putting your plants to bed for winter.

Whether you are in Calgary or elsewhere around the world it is important to properly safeguard your plants for the winter. Home inspectors have seen all kinds of ways in which people take care of their plants for the winter time.

There are a few measures that need to be taken in order to protect your plants. Start by removing dead leaves and buds. Also, even though you likely fertilized your plants all spring and summer it is important to stop for the winter.

It is also necessary to cover the roots for the winter. Try covering the roots with straw, bark, mulch, or leaves in order to make the plants more winter ready. Also use fleece, coconut mats, or bubble-wrap to wrap around pots or tubs in order to prevent soil from freezing.

As for the plants in pots or tubs it is important to keep them well watered. Give them water until the water comes out of the bottom. Be sure to keep pots on clay feet or wooden chocks in order to limit the risk of frost.

Photo by Peter Collins.

Remember that plants need light too. If your plants do not seem to be getting enough light then be sure to move the plants to get better light. Failing that then try getting artificial grow lights, and use about 12 to 16 hours a day.

Happy gardening and don’t forget to get your plants winter ready so that your spring garden will shine even more!

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