How You Can Save Money on Water Heating Bills

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When considering how to reduce your monthly utility bills, have you thought about how to save money on heating water? In most households, water heating bills account for between 16 and 19% of the energy bill. If you reduce the money you spend on water heating bills, you will also lower your carbon footprint.

Here are 4 great tips on how to save money on your water heating bills this winter. All you will need to do is make a quick inspection of your home to check insulation and how your thermostat is programmed.

1. Check the thermostat to save on water heating bills

One of the first things to check if you want to lower your monthly water heating costs is to check the thermostat.

You can save a lot of money this winter if you reduce your thermostat temperature by around 10 °F. This means that you have to heat less water and you can cut back on bills.

You could also think about investing in a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. These can be programmed to only heat water in the morning or evenings or when you usually need hot water the most.

Smart thermostats also keep track of your energy use which can be helpful in knowing where to reduce heating costs.

2. Fit low-flow fixtures

The latest type of shower heads and faucets use a lot less water than older plumbing fixtures. The great thing about low-flow fixtures is that you save money on your water bill without even realizing you are using less water.

3. Get your hot water heater serviced

A poorly maintained water heater will take more time and energy to heat water. If you can’t get your heater serviced, think about investing in a new water heater that meets the highest efficiency standards.

4. Insulate

Insulating your water heater and pipes is probably the single, most effective way to save money on your water heating bills. Make a physical inspection of your plumbing system to feel for heat loss from pipes and your heater. Remember that any heat you feel is lost heat that you are having to pay for.

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