Securing your home

Calgary home inspectors have had the opportunity to see all types of home security. From locks to alarm systems they have seen it all. Security for the home is very important, so it is important to properly approach it.

First step is to ensure that the entire household participates in securing the house. Make sure that they lock doors and windows, and set the alarm every time they walk out the house.

Police departments sometimes provide complimentary security inspections. This can help you to make any changes which will fit your budget as well as provide greater security.

Instead of having a hide-a-key outside your home try giving the spare key to the neighbor. Most all burglars know how to find the keys hidden outside.

Posting signs can help to deter any break-ins. Let them know that you have security, even if you are bluffing. Even a fake security sign can ward them off.

Secure any air conditioning window units as this can be an easy entrance point. Hide ladders so that burglars cannot access the upper floors or roof. Replace locks that are worn or weak.

However you go about it securing your home is very important. Make sure to take every step possible to properly secure your home.

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