Sheetrock, stucco, or paneling?

Calgary home inspectors have been able to see all types of walls. Some professionally done, and some not done professionally. Picking the type of wall you want depends on the type of look you want.

Sheetrock is basically drywall which can be tailored to fit your needs. The panels can come in a variety of thicknesses. In addition to fire-resistant panels there are panels for other needs. To hang them you need sheetrock panels, hammer, utility knife, drill, and sheetrock nails and screws. After installing just paint or decorate.

Stucco is a type of plaster which is very durable. It is also resistant to rot and fungus. Once it is hardened it doesn’t need much maintenance. It can be used both inside and outside the house, and can be applied manually or with a machine. It is possible to apply stucco yourself, but since improper installation can lead to a number of problems it is better to call a professional.

Paneling is used to cover interior walls. It comes in a variety of materials, and decorative patterns. Paneling is fairly easy to install, and there are a few tools that you will need to do the job. Tools include saws, adhesive, furring strips, hammer, and nails.

It is up to you which of these choices suit your needs best. Here’s hoping your walls turn out terrific.

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