Should You Worry About Cracks Inside Your Home?

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Discovering cracks in your home during a home inspection can be a cause for concern. Thankfully, many cracks are not signs of serious structural damage. Cracks on an internal wall could be the result of changing humidity levels or minor settling of the building.

However, it’s important never to ignore any kind of cracked wall until you get the reason identified. New cracks appearing on internal or external walls could be a sign that there are structural issues to address. If these are not sorted out quickly, you may find that your home loses value when you come to sell it.

In this article, we will look at reasons for serious cracks appearing in homes in Alberta. You will also find out how to spot signs of foundation problems.

Reasons for Cracks Appearing Inside Your Home

There are a number of causes of structural damage to your home. The most common are:

  • Tree roots can cause minor cracks to appear as they draw moisture out of the soil and minor subsidence occurs.
  • Water damage can be a reason for foundation cracks if there is poor drainage or serious long-term plumbing leaks.
  • Construction problems can cause subsidence over time resulting in small to large cracks appearing.
  • Frost uplift (also called frost heaving) can affect homes in Alberta if the ground below the foundations freezes.

When to Worry About Cracks in Walls

There are 4 main signs that home inspectors in Calgary find that may indicate serious structural problems.


One tell-tale sign of foundation problems is when doors fail to latch or begin to jam. This can indicate that one side of the door has dropped an inch or two.


Another reason for concern is windows that start to jam when you open or close them.


Usually, hairline cracks that run vertically or horizontally in drywall isn’t a cause for concern. Larger cracks running diagonally are more worrying. These can be due to structural problems and tend to occur over doorways, windows, or where ceilings and walls meet. These may gradually get worse over time.

Floor cracks

Cracks between tiles or loose tiles could be a sign that you need to get your home inspected to check for structural problems.

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