To sun or not to sun

Home inspectors see plants in shade and sun. So how do homeowners in Calgary go about setting their plants in the garden and home? Many do so by how much light is needed for a plant.

Some plants require more shade than other plants. These are the type of plants that are generally kept indoors. Although plants generally require some light there are ways to set the plants up to get only the amount of light that they require.

Plants that require full sun are a little easier to accommodate for the most part. You can put these plants in the part of your garden that gets sun all day long. If that fails then there are sun lamps which accomplish the same thing with the use of electricity.

There are also plants that require only partial sun or that do better with morning sunlight. This plants are a little more difficult to place depending on the yard. It is better to place them in areas which are shaded in the afternoon, but get sun in the early and mid-morning.

It is important to do your research when determining which plants need what type of light. Good luck and happy gardening!

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