The drapes can save electricity

Home inspectors in Calgary have had the opportunity to see all types of ways to save energy. From energy saving appliances to weather proofing they have seen it all. One of the most interesting energy saving tactic they have seen is the use of window coverings.

When used properly blinds, curtains, or blackout curtains could be beneficial in saving energy. Approximately a third of energy loss in your home is through heating and cooling loss through your windows.

Blinds can reduce energy loss by 13-14%, while curtains reduce energy by 15-17% and blackout curtains by up to 25%. While blinds and curtains help to reduce the loss of energy, blackout curtains block out any air leaks or drafts better.

The thermal energy that is lost out of the windows during the summer can be 10-25%. With the aid of curtains, you can keep light and heat out during the summer and trap the heat in during the winter.

Blackout curtains can be quite costly. A lined curtain that is not as expensive can serve the purpose and help you to maintain the expense you face on your utility cost.

There are a variety of options out there. Choose the one that will best suit your needs and your budget.

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