Timing is everything when it comes to gardening

From well-timed beautiful gardens to poorly timed bare gardens Calgary home inspectors have seen it all. Timing is very important when it comes to gardening. It can help your garden to flourish if done correctly.

First, it is important to know last frost dates for your area. Secondly, you need to know how long your seeds will need indoors, and seed packets give you this information. Knowing this will give you a good estimate on when to start your seeds indoors.

Most seeds require around 6-8 weeks indoors, but there are some that require anywhere between 10-15 weeks. The time indoors allows plants to grow good roots that will help them to thrive in the garden.

The best containers for planting seeds indoors are flats with individual compartments. If they are made from organic material it is better since it can help save from transplanting issues. Trays should be covered with clear plastic domes until plants are a few inches tall.

Organic potting mix works best since it has no chemicals or synthetic plant food. Plant each seed three times its size down. Refer to seed packets in order to determine whether or not the seeds need light or dark in order to germinate. If they need darkness use a dark plastic bag or some newspaper during the germination process.

It might be your first instinct to place the pots on a windowsill, but this may not be the most ideal location. Windowsills are cold at night, and hot during the afternoons. Seeds grow best in soil that is kept warm. The best way to accomplish this is with indoor plant lights that are used about 12-16 hours a day.

If the seedlings grow too big for the individual cells, then move them into larger peat pots or Styrofoam cups. Around two weeks before time to transplant outdoors start the hardening off process. This is done by setting the pots or trays outside for a few hours in the afternoon every day. Be sure to set them in a shady and protected spot.

Once the last frost has passed it will be time to transplant. Select a cloudy day or elect to transplant in the late afternoon.

Calgary home inspectors look forward to seeing how your timing works out. Good luck and happy gardening!

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