What Should You Do If You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

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Knowing exactly what to do in a plumbing emergency can save your home from $1,000s of damage. A burst pipe can flood your home causing all sorts of damage. For example, water can affect electrical installations, ruin hardwood floors, or destroy ceilings.

Even after you repaired the damaged pipesand water damage, the effects of a plumbing emergency can still last for manyyears. For example, you may also be left with a problem of mold in your homethat is difficult to get rid of. Severe water damage will also show up on a home inspector’s report that could affect the sale of your home.

How can you minimize the damage that a plumbing emergency can do?

1. Shut the water off at the mains in a plumbing emergency

First, you must stop the water flow intoyour home at the shutoff valve, usually located outside your property. This ensures that you minimize any damage from the burst pipe. Also, may not even know where the water is coming from, so, shutting the water off at the mains will limit the damage as much as possible.

2. Call a plumber

Next, you should call a plumber to locatethe source of water and fix the leak. In preparation for a burst pipe, youshould always have a plumber on your list of emergency contact numbers. This can save you a lot of time when you are in a panic.

It is also good to inform the water company as the flood damage in your house could be from a blocked sewer or problem with the main water line.

3. Turn off your water heater

This is very important if you have a gas boiler to prevent damage to it. Shutting off the boiler in a plumbing emergency stops pressure from building up in the boiler and will prevent your boiler from bursting.

4. Remove excess water

To help minimize damage to floors and other parts of your home, it’s a good idea to start mopping up as much water as you can. If you notice that there is still water coming out from a pipe, you could try opening up faucets to drain as much water as you can from the plumbing system.

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