Why Choose a Licensed Plumber?

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There is no shortage of handymen in Alberta, Canada who are willing to carry out plumbing work. However, if you are needing to upgrade your central heating, install a new boiler, or even unclog a drain, you should always choose a licensed plumber.

A professional plumber who is licensed will have the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out more plumbing tasks.

There are more reasons for choosing a licensed plumber than just getting a good job done. After all, even some handymen can carry out some plumbing jobs to a high standard.

Reasons to Choose a Licensed Plumber

Let’s look at some of the most important reasons to look for a local plumber who is fully qualified.

What a license means

A fully-licensed plumber means that he or she has fulfilled the required training and has the experience to carry out plumbing jobs.

This is extremely important for homeowners because plumber can install gas and central heating systems. If these go wrong because of shoddy workmanship, you could end up having to pay for expensive house repairs.

Licensed plumbers are insured

Another reason to always choose a licensed plumber over a handyman is that they need to be insured.

Plumbing licenses generally require that the plumber has liability insurance for any damage to your property. Before hiring a plumber, you should check to see that they are insured for the type of work they will undertake.

Avoid problems by choosing a licensed plumber

Another reason to choose a licensed plumber is that it saves you from paying money to fix a handyman’s mistakes.

For example, a professional home inspector may give a poor report if plumbing installations have not been completed up to the required standard. This could result in expensive modifications or even delay the sale of your home.

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