Windowsills, pots, or ground?

Calgary home inspectors have seen plants in all types of places in and around the house. They have been in windowsills, planters, pots, and in the ground. Much of this depends on the type of plant and its needs.

Windowsill plants generally consist of herbs, cacti, and plant cuttings to form new plants from. Herbs are ideal for kitchen windowsills because they double as decoration and seasonings for meals.

Plants that do not need to spread out can be put in planters or pots. They will thrive as long as the have good drainage, get the required sunlight, and have the proper soil and fertilizer. Putting some gravel at the bottom before adding soil can help with drainage.

Plants that are put in the ground need several things. Proper sunlight, good soil, frequent watering, and fertilizer. Make certain that the plants have enough space in-between them to account for spreading.

However you decide to plant them we look forward to seeing them. We are sure that you will have a delightful setup. Good luck and happy gardening.

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