Dung Le

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I must give a 5 stars to these friendly and professional people. So I needed a quick turn around inspection to close the deal facing long weekend July 1st. I called Chris, he responded instantly (he was at his son/daughter's graduation) he tried to arrange it, till next day I got Brent at the house. Brent did an exceptional job, he went passed 5PM so I thought I tipped him for late work, he did not accept but appreciated my gesture. I got all the answers to my question directly from Brent at the site and via emails and the next day I got the detailed report from Chris. I paid just a bit over $500 including tax for a beautiful high end house. Chris' communication made me feel confident, Brent's works assured and showed me everything about the house. You will not be disappointed with this company. They give Value and Quality service. The charge would have been more at other places I think.

Thank you Chris and Brent. Keep it up!